Video Website Analysis

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Done Personally By Ken Lapp

Our unique Video SEO Website Analysis requires hours of research done personally by Ken Lapp, one of the most experienced and successful internet marketing minds in the business, author of the book “SOLD – How Top Real Estate Agents Are Using The Internet To Capture More Leads And Close More Sales”.

Like Nothing You’ve Ever Seen Before

You may have seen website analyses that are done automatically by a computer program. Our website analysis is nothing like those. Here’s why…

In addition to seeing a screenshot video recording of Ken Lapp’s computer monitor, showing every website page he visits and every movement of his mouse, you will see Ken Lapp personally reviewing and making recommendations on every aspect of your website, your social media, your backlinks, and your competition on Google.

You’ll hear Ken Lapp’s personal commentary, recommendations, and explanation of concepts in his high energy, entertaining personal style. 🙂

In addition, Ken Lapp’s personal screenshot video website analysis provides:

  • A hard copy of Ken Lapp’s #1 Amazon Best Selling book “SOLD” (VALUE $24.97)
  • A 30 minute personal phone consultation with Ken Lapp, if you wish, as a follow up after you’ve watched it (VALUE $500)

Lapp analyzes much more that just your website. He looks at every aspect of your internet presence and makes specific recommendations about what needs improving and how to do it.

Unique Benefits of our Website Analysis System

  • High Definition Video – You can watch your Website Analysis at Full Screen on your computer monitor so you can see even the tiny details of what’s happening on Ken Lapp’s computer monitor as he’s analyzing and making recommendations on each different aspect of your Website and Internet Presence.
  • Plain Language – Clients have told us they learned more from our Personal Video Website Analysis than they did from talking in-person to a number of SEO companies over many years.
  • Gives You “The Why” – Ken Lapp tell you why what you’re doing is hurting your Google rankings, reducing the traffic to your website, or hurting your conversions, that is, the number of prospects who contact you directly from your website.
  • Positive Recommendations – Ken Lapp provides specific and actionable recommendations on what to do to fix your website and internet presence problems, to increase your rankings on Google, to increase the number of qualified prospects coming to your website, and to increase the number who contact you.

Questions It Answers

Ken Lapp’s Personal Video Analysis of your Entire Internet Presence covers the most important aspects of increasing the number of qualified leads and prospects who contact you from your website.

  1. Design – What values does your website convey about you to visitors?
  2. Content of your homepage – Does it convince complete strangers you are skilled, trustworthy, and approachable, that you are the broker, team, or agent they should contact, and that they should contact you now?
  3. Keyword Research – What phrases should you be ranking for to get the most traffic from qualified buyers and sellers?
  4. Current rankings on Google – Where are you now for your most important phrases?
  5. Meta Tags – Are your current Title and Description Meta Tags good, how should they be improved, and why they’re so important.
  6. Blog – Are you using your Blog effectively? How to improve it and why.
  7. Social Media – How much do you need? Which accounts do you need? What improvements do you need to yours?
  8. Backlinks – How many links are there on other good quality websites that point to your website? Are they the right kind of backlinks? How many do you need to climb over your competition on Google? Secrets on how to get high quality backlinks.
  9. Mobile Website – Does your website look good and work well on smart phones? And why it’s an absolute MUST.
  10. Your current competition for top rankings on Google – Specifically who are they, and how easy or difficult will it be to climb over them, and why?
  11. New Traffic – How much more traffic will come to your website when you have top Google rankings?
  12. Area Of Specialization – We demonstrate how we use Google’s numbers to help you choose the best area to specialize in.


For only $1,195 you learn the things on your website and internet presence that need to be improved, and how to improve them in order to turn your website into a 24/7 Lead Generation Machine. Simply fill out this short form now to contact Ken Lapp about our very special Video Website Analysis of your Website and your Internet presence.