Tools for Real Estate Agents’ Internet Marketing Success

Real estate agents’ internet marketing

The vast majority of potential homebuyers and sellers start their quest on the Internet, requiring realtors to be web gurus as well as sales experts. Learn these valuable tools for real estate agents’ internet marketing to make sure your efforts experience maximum success and effectiveness.

Real Estate Agents Internet Marketing AdWords

One of the biggest and subtlest tools you can use for your real estate agents’ internet marketing efforts is Google AdWords. People use Google for searching, vastly more than any other search engine. AdWords are an outstanding marketing tool to allow you to get your work in front of web seekers’ eyes.


Videos are everything. It’s all well and good to have gorgeous photographs of every property you list, but there is no substitute for a strong video walkthrough. Keep your videos brief, fun, catchy and informative. They shouldn’t just show off your properties. They should show off you and your personality as well. If you’re not using video, you’re using last year’s efforts. YouTube isn’t just a video repository—it’s now a social media site unto itself.

Targeted Marketing

Targeting and re-targeting are vital for your marketing efforts. If you see a product online that is outstanding for people looking to buy or sell homes—advertise it! People will appreciate that you make such great resources available. They will view you as an agent who really cares about much more than profit—and as one who cares about their clients and the service they provide.


Blogging is an obvious tool for search engine optimization, but you need to use it properly to bring in clients. SEO is only part of your marketing strategy. Once you get at the top of Google’s rankings, you need to keep the leads you get to click through to your site.

This means that your blogs have to be fun, informative and interesting. They need to provide content that people care about which goes beyond your featured property for the week. Talk about community events and happenings. Talk about what it’s like to live in the area. Show that you are not only an expert in the areas you serve, but that you care about them. This will give people a real connection with you that will lead to more sales.

Social Media Connections

It’s been said time and time again that social media is important to your real estate online marketing. The reason it bears repeating is because it’s just that important. Have as many social media accounts as possible, and link every one of them to every other one—and back to your website.

You may not have the time to devote to all of this when you’d rather be selling homes. That’s where a professional real estate online marketing firm comes into the picture. Check out how we can improve your online efforts to allow you to focus on what you do best: making money selling homes!

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