Staggeringly Effective Internet Marketing for Real Estate

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Internet marketing can be difficult, time-consuming and frustrating, especially when you want to be out selling properties. There are, however, some basic approaches you can undertake that can take your business to the next level with shocking effectiveness. Learn about a few internet marketing for real estate strategies that are so effective you may find yourself addicted to the process!

E-Mail List Referrals

Referrals are one of the most powerful tools for Internet marketing for real estate at an agent’s disposal. Consider running a marketing campaign that allows your clients to get referrals from other clients, by offering some kind of incentive. This sort of strategy relies upon cooperation from clients and upon you maintaining a healthy and strong email list but the cross-promotion it affords can be wildly effective and fun!

Build a Review Portfolio in the Right Spots

You already know that customer testimonials are vital to your success. Some studies indicate that nearly 90 percent of consumers trust reviews online just as much as personal referrals from friends. The more reviews you have available in areas where your clientele hangs out, the more likely others are to discover your services and give you a try.

The Elements of a Successful Website

Your website is the central hub of your online presence. We’ve talked a lot about responsive, adaptive and mobile design, but there’s one element to your website that is basic and absolutely must be present.

Your website has to be easy to use. No matter what your clients want to find, it should be no more than one or two clicks away at any given time. It should be easy to locate, easy to access, and intuitive to utilize. Every tool on your site should be user-friendly and right there, with your contact information on every page in the exact same format across the board.

Address Your Audience in Blogs

Your blog entries should specifically address the needs, interests, concerns and frustrations of your audience. It’s really tempting to just use your blog as a means by which you can show off your personality. This is great, but you also want to engage your customer base, and that means knowing what their interests and needs might be.

Every blog should place emphasis on value for your readers and audience. It should be a topic they find interesting and should present a possible solution to a problem.

Make Your Videos Fun

When you create videos for your site or social media accounts (which you should be doing; if you’re not, you’re falling behind), make them fun and engaging. The more enjoyable your videos are to watch, the more likely your customers will be to come back.

Internet Marketing for Real Estate

These are just a few fun and effective marketing tools you can use to improve your business. If you would like more information or help from a professional marketing firm, drop us a line to talk more today!

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