Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The internet has made generating high quality leads easier than ever if you know what you’re doing, and we’ve been doing it since 1999. Most people searching on Google only look at the first page of search results. When you’re one page one you get huge numbers of prospects who are actively looking for your service coming to your website every month.

1. Choosing A Profitable Area of Specialization

Standard Marketing Optimizes Websites for Real Estate Agents to Improve Google Rankings.The way to get qualified prospects to your website is to get it to the top of Google organic search results for a specific area, a small city, a town, or even a single neighborhood. It can also be good to specialize in a group of keyword phrases, such as “(your area) condos” or “luxury homes in (Your area).

Unless you have a very large budget you need to specialize in a local area as long as it meets the following considerations:

  1. Are There Enough People Searching For It
    It must be an area the general public knows about, and is searching for every month.
  2. Is There Enough Inventory
    You can easily search the Multiple Listing Service in your area to see how many units are currently for sale.
  3. Is The Inventory Turning Over
    You can ask your managing broker how many units were sold in the last six months, for example, in each of the areas you are considering.
  4. How Strong is Your Competition
    We look at the websites that are ranking high on Google now for each of the Areas we’re considering for you. We look at how easy or difficult it will be for us to get your website ranking higher than theirs.

2. Your Website As An Authority

Google wants to give high rankings to websites that are an authority in their field. We need to show Google your website an authority in your area. Then we need to be regularly adding fresh, original, high quality content so Google knows the website is up-to-date. A website without fresh content cannot be an “up-to-date” authority. Google knows people don’t want to know three or five year old information about your Area.

Google is changing their ranking criteria all the time. Many of the things that used to get you good rankings on Google will now get you penalized. These are the website considerations that affect your rankings on Google:

  1. Website Content
    The website will get better rankings if ALL of the content talks about your Area of Specialization. One way to add content to the website is with the blog. We need to be writing high quality, original articles for the website that have never been used anywhere else so Google sees the website as an authority.
  2. Homepage Content
    Google gives more weight to the homepage than any other page on the website. It’s better to have a lot of text on the homepage because Google doesn’t read images very well. The homepage text and graphics must also convince strangers to contact you. There are 7 ingredients to a homepage that hooks visitors’ attention and convinces total strangers to trust you and contact you. See page 13 in our book “SOLD” or contact us to find out more.
  3. On-Site Technical Issues
    There are many technical things we have to do to the website to tell Google what it’s about, e.g. page URLs, XML sitemap, XML sitemap for video, 301 redirects, canonical domain name, h1 tags, title tags, follow vs nofollow links, internal links, external links, and many more.

Showing Google your website is an authority in your area is the best way in the long run to get high rankings. We write literally hundreds of high quality blogs for our websites every month.

3. Other Necessary SEO Tasks

There are a number of other tasks we need to perform on a monthly basis in order to show Google your website is an authority in your field. The main ones are:

  1. Google My Business
    We set up and professionally optimize a Google My Business listing for your website, so it can be on page 1 of Google in what we call the “Three Pack” of organic listings that have a corresponding red dot on the small Google Map on the search results. Google has different criteria for rankings websites in the Three Pack, and we know what those criteria are. We can usually get the website rankings high in the Three Pack faster than getting you high rankings in the regular organic listings. “Organic” just means “not paid”.
  2. Social Media
    Having the right social media accounts and using them properly can improve the rankings without a great deal of work. We need to set up a number of social media accounts, optimize them, brand them to your website, put social media icons on the website with links to your accounts, and keep each of the social media accounts active so prospects come to the website from your social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter.
  3. Links to Your Website
    The number and quality of the links pointing to the website is Google’s NUMBER TWO most important ranking criteria. If the links are on high quality, relevant websites Google will raise your website’s rankings. If the links are low quality Google will penalize your website’s rankings. There are many methods of gaining high quality links to your website. It takes a lot of time, and it’s expensive. It’s a large part of our ongoing work for your website.
  4. Mobile Website
    If you don’t have a mobile website that functions well Google will penalize your rankings. More than half of all internet searches are from mobile devices these days. If you don’t have a good mobile website you’ll be missing out on a lot of business.
  5. Off-Site Technical Improvements
    We have to set up a Google Analytics account so we can improve the websites rankings and conversions on an ongoing basis. We need to setup a Google Search Console account and monitor it regularly. There are a number of other important technical issues we need to deal with in order to create high rankings, such as DNS, domain forwarding, email, etc.

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