Online Errors That Will Ruin Your Marketing Efforts

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The Internet is a playground, a maze and a quagmire. It puts a world of opportunities right at our fingertips, but also creates a world of headaches for those who don’t play their cards right. As a real estate agent, you have to have a strong online presence to make the most out of your business. A single misstep at the wrong time, however, can cost you everything. Learn these online errors that can ruin your efforts at Internet marketing for real estate, and increase your chances at success in the industry.

Old-School or Amateur Email

For goodness’ sake, secure a domain of your own. Never, ever connect with clients or engage in professional communications through AOL, Hotmail or Yahoo! email services. These are seen as archaic, passé and for people still living in the 90s. Gmail is acceptable these days, but it’s so inexpensive to obtain a domain, there’s no reason not to. You can keep using your old email; just set up forwarding to your domain address.

Unprofessional Signatures

You might love a certain quote from your favorite children’s author and even find it inspiring. That doesn’t make it a good, professional email signature. List your name, title, company name and contact information and leave it at that. Also, use a basic font and avoid fancy formatting or gigantic graphics. These will be seen as gaudy, not eye-catching.

Old-Fashioned and Amateur Website

Did you program your website in HTML 2 with notepad? If so, it’s time to step into the new millennium. There are tons of options out there to build a very professional and modern website. Grab onto one of them and work off of a template. Remember, your website is the first impression many people will have, and first impressions are everything.

Poor Online Dealings

Be kind and professional in all of your dealings online. One customer who perceives disrespect can cost you a great deal. Avoid religious or political opinions at all costs—even if someone disagrees with your politics, their business is still good! Keep it pleasant and on a professional level.

Consider having a professional service come in to clean up and manage your online reputation and brand. Clear up your social media profiles, your forum postings, even your LinkedIn profile. Make sure that everything is clear of anything that could present a negative image of you.

Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Managing your online presence can be a full-time job unto itself, and you need to focus on selling real estate. When it comes time to build your brand and improve your interactions with clients, to build your Internet marketing for real estate, consider bringing in a professional service focused on exactly these tasks.

If you’re looking for a strong internet marketing firm, we are ready to help. Take some time to read through the services we provide and get in touch for more information today.

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