My Notes from SmartZip Webinar on How to Farm

real estate agent’s internet marketing

– Recorded April 13, 2017

This webinar was an interview with one of their customers Hugh Price, from brokerage HER Realtors. Granville, OHIO, Hugh does 100 – 135 sides a year in a market with population 5,646.

This webinar was sponsored by a company called SmartZip that provides statistical information on which homes are most likely to sell in an area. Hugh uses post cards, letters, landing pages, introduction package, very local newsletters, online ads, facebook, and email nurture.


1. Can provide phone number for prospects.
2. SmartZip mailers can be branded.
3. Has a CRM for one farm area.

Intro package – help people get to know you, and that you are big players.

1. Profile – you do a lot of business.
2. Resume
3. Where we market
4. How we market
5. Testimonial page

This neighbourhood has 300 to 400 homes. But over 300 is a good size.

1. Neighbourhood newsletters, delivering them door to door.

a. What homes sold, what hadn’t sold
b. Write-ups on people who lived in the neighbourhood, restaurant owner interviewed
c. Just listed/just sold postcards

2. Send people lots of stuff, and follow up all the time. They start to think you know their neighbourhood better than other agents.

3. How to pick a farm

a. Is there enough turnover
b. The type of neighbourhood where people tend to relocate a lot, not the most expensive homes.

4. With SmartZip you can farm a 2,000 home farm, and SmartZip will tell you the 400 homes that are most likely to turn over.

5. SmartZip sends out post cards with a URL to your Landing Page on your website. Or that go to a page on the SmartZip website. So I can get all their contact information.

6. Get some information on the home, and then call immediately.

7. People can see a CMA if they enter the Key Code on the post card. Good to phone them immediately. Or mail them a Thank You note for asking for a CMA. Maybe send them a small box of cookies that seem to be home-made.

8. Hugh and his team got 11 listings in the first 13 months using SmartZip and this method, so that’s almost one a month.

9. When someone says “I’m not going to sell. I just want to know what my home is worth,” still follow up like you would anybody else. Send them a weekly email or phone call in 3 weeks. You can ask “If you’re thinking about it at all what would be the ideal time frame”, and then contact them 4 weeks before that. “Or if you want an update on what’s happened in your neighborhood recently, let me know.”

How to break into a new neighborhood that I haven’t been in before.

10. Found an area where there wasn’t a big dominant agent already. It was adjacent to the neighbourhood we already had.

11. In a new area Hugh closed 15% of SmartZip predicted listings in that area. 4 listings in 8 months.

12. Instead of it taking 3 years to become established in building a farm, it should take half the time. 1 ½ years.

13. Time to response. Call immediately when you get a ClickThrough.

14. Be gentle. “I saw you had an inquiry, and I’d love to give you that information.”

15. Stay with them, even if they say they’re not going to sell now.

16. Stay in front of them with your mailouts.

17. People that come through an open house are thinking about selling.

18. Newsletters go out every three months instead of monthly just because they take so much work. He creates them in Publisher, exports to PDF, and sends them to a local printer.

19. The homes he sells are between $250,000 to $500,000. Most are $320,000, probably average.

20. Don’t make a phone number REQUIRED on your forms, so the relationship starts off as non-threatening.

21. Floyd Wickman training for scripts have been great for Hugh.

22. For making cold phone calls, a good time to call is 10 am to 1 pm, for about 90 minutes at a time. Or in the evening.

23. Hugh’s listing presentation

a. First section is about who we are, what we do.
b. Where we market properties.
c. Then about the brokerage where we work.
d. The relocation piece.
e. Where our listings go when we put them into the MLS
f. Where we spend money in online marketing.
g. 15 pages, always a bound document.
h. Comparable sales in their area.
i. Hugh does almost all of the listing presentations himself.

24. Online ads. Done some. Thinking about doing more.

25. Bought URL’s specific to neighborhoods in their farm, e.g. when people go to that it redirects to Hugh’s SmartZip landing page. “Name Your Price” landing page is interesting.

26. Hugh doesn’t do Door Knocking. But goes to Garage Sales, gives out goodies – pens and tags so they can change their prices. Also gives out cookies, bottled water.

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