The Key to Email for Real Estate Agents Internet Marketing

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Email may be one of the oldest online technologies, but it also happens to be one of the most important when it comes to real estate agents’ internet marketing. With a stockpile of even a few dozen email addresses, you can keep in constant touch with leads, prompt people to visit your blog, notify them when important events like open houses come up and generally improve your ability to reach out on a regular basis.

These benefits also extend to getting you more leads. Just imagine telling a former client about a beautiful, historical home in a desirable part of town, which could prompt them to notify a friend about the listing. So, keep all of these advantages in mind as you use the following tips to improve your email marketing efforts.

Maintain an Email Database and Keep It Clean

As you interact with clients and leads, make sure that you add their emails to a mailing list database. Include as much information as you can comfortably fit, including the date added, the last date with a confirmed email receipt, their age, sex, rough income level, housing preferences, family size, street address, zip code and more.

You can then use this file to help automate the emails sent to leads/clients, based on the categories you establish for each lead/client. For instance, clients interested in townhomes may receive townhome-related emails as well as the general emails that everyone receives.

Of course, these lists can become stagnant over time with inaccurate information, outdated addresses and leads who have long since gone cold. Any emails you send to an invalid address are read as “hard bounces” by email clients like Gmail. The more hard bounces you create, the more likely your emails will be marked as spam and never seen again.

Use Variety and Let Subscribers Choose Which Lists to Follow

When creating emails, you can choose from a variety of formats, including the following:

  • Notifications of new blog content, with short intro teasers
  • Announcements of any special events or particularly remarkable properties
  • Updates on listings within certain neighborhoods
  • Special offers, promotions and collaborations with other local businesses

This sort of variety will prevent email content from appearing same-y after a while, and it will also encourage people tempted to unsubscribe to just reduce their inbox volume instead by selecting their preferred interests.

Connect Your Email Campaign to Other Real Estate Agents Internet Marketing Efforts

With just a few simple tweaks, you can connect your email marketing data to informative analytics dashboards. This information can teach you which kinds of emails get the most opens, what your most valuable client leads are and how much your digital marketing reach has grown in general.

For more advanced options, you could always look to a dedicated marketing company for real estate agents. At Top Agent, we provide cutting-edge solutions that help you gather email addresses with more specificity while crafting content that gets opens. At the same time, we maximize your visibility with SEO best practices for real estate agents’ internet marketing.

Take a look at our real estate agents internet marketing services to learn more.

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