5 Real Estate Agents’ Internet Marketing Tips

Even as the housing market continues to improve, the real estate industry is an exceptionally competitive field. It can be a real money-making job, but it can also be a grind where you have to struggle to make ends meet when you can’t get clients through the door. In today’s speed-of-light online environment, how can you get ahead of the game and bring in the best leads? As you look to get an edge on the competition this season, check out these five real estate agents’ internet marketing tips and tricks!

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Diversifying Real Estate Marketing Leads

Your job as a real estate agent is to buy and sell property—that’s just a truism. However, it requires internet marketing savvy to accomplish, and it can be frustrating when you have to spend tons of time and effort away from selling in an effort to do better marketing. The answer to this can, in part, be to diversify your leads so that they come from multiple sources. Learn why it is important to diversify real estate leads, and what this means to real estate agents’ internet marketing strategies.

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Why Your Real Estate Website Must Drive Leads

Websites fulfill many roles for real estate agents looking to build their brand. They tell clients about your business, showcase your sales, display testimonials and the properties you list, and link to social media to facilitate customer engagement. They also, of course, absolutely must drive leads. Learn why real estate agents’ internet marketing websites must drive leads in order to make your brand building efforts worthwhile.

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Local SEO Tips for Real Estate Agents

Advertising your real estate agency online is no simple matter. A little over a decade ago, you could get by on word of mouth, or at the very least a billboard or maybe an ad slapped on the side of a metro bus. People today, however, aren’t looking up at posters of real estate agents—they’re looking at screens, and if you want your agency to survive, you better start working on your local search rankings.

These are a little different from general Google queries in that they’re much more region specific. In other words, pushing your realty to the top of the search list is actually more under your control than you might think. By using the selected tips in the following post from Top Agent Internet Marketing, you’ll start the process of realizing this for yourself.

Generate Client Reviews

The more reviews your agency can get from past clients, the better. They lend your business that little extra credibility that can go a long way on Internet search engines, and it makes perfect sense why. If you were looking at restaurants or hotels, would you trust the business with two reviews or twenty? Whatever you have to do to assure clients that you’re legit, do it.

Use Plenty of Keywords

Search engines like Google love keywords, and you should look to fill your website with as many of them as possible. Obviously these keywords should be specific to your business, but don’t forget to include your location. This will help reach clients in your area as well as drive your search rankings up.

Always Add New Content

If you want to move up the list of Internet rankings, you need to show people and, more importantly, show Google that you’re an active business. One of the best ways to do this is to constantly add new content to your website. Probably the best method is to include a blog, which could serve more as an informative resource. Ultimately, as long as you’re regularly adding something to your site, it doesn’t really matter what the content is, provided it’s marginally related to your agency.

Have a Mobile-Friendly Website

This is quickly becoming a must-have for any new business. Especially when it comes to local searches, most people do it on their phones, so having a mobile-friendly website can actually generate quite a lot of local interest in your agency. In fact, Google will reward your business for having a mobile-friendly website, so get on that immediately.

Create a Social Media Account

In today’s age, this should go without saying, and we won’t dwell too much on the topic here. Suffice it to say, get a social media account. You absolutely need one if you hope to keep your business relevant, and that’s a fact. Having a social media account puts you in direct contact with potential clients, so start thinking of some witty tweets and start posting today.

What Else Can We Do to Help with Your Internet Marketing?

At the end of the day, driving your local search rankings up can be a daunting task. As long as you follow the tips above, you should be fine, and if you do choose to seek professional help, don’t hesitate to reach out to Top Agent Internet Marketing for any queries or concerns.

Why You May Be Losing Leads

Lead generation is probably the very core of Internet marketing for real estate agents. You probably spend a significant amount of time, effort and cash on lead generation strategies to bring in new clients and build your potential sales base. You might find that you’re spending tons of effort, however, only to lose more leads than you reel in. Learn why your lead generation tactics may be failing you, and how to avoid these major lead-loss pitfalls.

Waiting Too Long

Waiting too long is one of the first mistakes many agents make. When you get a potential lead, it’s important to reach out quickly—especially in real estate. When people want to buy a home, they have to move now and don’t have time to wait for a potential agent to get back to them. Make every effort to respond to leads within 24 hours of initial contact.

All-or-Nothing Advertising

Do your calls to action and advertising tactics carry an “everything or nothing” vibe? Do you have only one way that people can get in touch with you? The more options you have for people to explore your services, the better off you are.

User Interface Problems

Do you incorporate lead generation strategies into your web design and user interface, or is it just informational? Your website, for example, should have contact information on every single page, and in multiple formats—address, email, phone, fill-in form links, you name it. Try offering downloads of free reports or helpful videos. The more enticements you offer, the better your lead generation will be.

Cold Interactions

When you interact with potential leads, are you very cold and matter-of-fact, or are you warm and inviting? Do you volunteer information or answer questions by rote? You need to put effort and research into providing exactly the kind of interaction your potential clients want, and make sure you deliver on that research.

Social Media Mistakes

It’s great that you have social media accounts. You may even have gone as far as linking them all together and all back to your website—fantastic! However, you should ask yourself this: do you have a plan for social media use, or do you just kind of fly by night? You need to ensure you’re delivering useful and attractive content that will make users want to check out your website. Have a call to action in every post, and make each one count.

Internet Marketing for Real Estate Agents

Internet marketing for real estate agents is a tricky thing. It can require lots of time, expertise and effort that you may just not have. The Catch-22 is that you need it to remain competitive in the field. Why not turn to a professional real estate marketing firm to help you build your business, manage your social media and bring in the best leads? Take some time to look over our social media services, and then get in touch with us for a consultation of your marketing strategies today!

Making the Most of Material Design

When it comes to building your real estate brand, your website is the center and hub of your presence. In many ways, it’s the core of your brand. When people take notice of you, your website is where they will go after social media to find out about your business and who you are. Taking advantage of the latest trends, like Google’s new Material Design language, will allow you to add a lot of punch to your site and take advantage of the latest tech-savvy trends. Here’s a look at how to make the most out of Google’s new language and create the best Material Design website for real estate agents.

Material Design Website for Real Estate Agents

Google created Material Design to take advantage of the prevalence of mobile devices accessing the Internet. Currently, the vast majority of people access the web using smartphones or tablets before turning to computers. This means that websites have to be accessible to these devices. Up till now, developers have used existing means of programming to “trim down” traditional sites for mobile use.

Material Design, on the other hand, seeks to take the principles of best design practices and innovate it to think of mobile access first, turning to traditional access later. The result is a smooth and attractive design scheme. The Material Design website for real estate agents is a must when building your brand.

Apps to Websites

Originally, Material Design was used for app development. Now, however, it has become exceptionally suited to web design. Google has even unveiled a new “Material Design Lite” version of the language geared towards this purpose. It allows a high degree of customizability, not reliant upon any specific framework. This allows the use of a ton of different front-end tools when you’re building your site. It also is very light on coding, making it fast and easy to use.

Things to Keep in Mind

When employing Material Design, keep these aesthetics in mind to make sure your website puts its best foot forward.

  • Shadows: Use lots of long shadows in your graphics—this will add depth and dimension to your visuals.
  • Bright and striking colors: The more vibrant your colors are, the more attractive your user interface will be.
  • Keep Type Simple: It shouldn’t need to be said at this point to avoid Comic Sans. However, do keep your overall typefaces very simple—stick with fonts like Times, Georgia, Arial and Helvetica.
  • Ghost or Hover Buttons: These unobtrusive links are outlined and change color when you hover the pointer over them. They keep your UI simple and functional.
  • Minimalist: Keep your design as straightforward and simple as possible. People want to be wowed by content, not fancy.

 If you’re ready to take the plunge on a great new website, but aren’t sure you have the expertise or time to put into it, a professional real estate marketing firm can help. Take a look at the web design services for realtors that we provide, and get in touch with us for a consultation today.

How Successful Real Estate Agents Build Brands

Real estate agents, for the most part, tend to think of themselves as small business entrepreneurs. As such, they often don’t put a lot of thought into brand-building. This can be a mistake since brand building can be even more important to an independent professional than to a major corporation. Learn how the most successful real estate agents build brands that are unforgettable, and how a professional marketing firm can help you.

Real Estate Agents Build Brands

All real estate agents build brands. Every time one of your customers talks with a friend about the service you provided them, your brand is growing. Every complaint hurts your brand. Your brand, put simply, is the way people see you. It’s what brings clients to your doorstep and what establishes you as a trustworthy and reliable source of information on the real estate market. With a good brand, your business will soar.

Work Hard

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the more you put into your business, the more it will deliver for you. Put your clients’ needs first at all times and always go that extra mile. If there’s something about a property your client questions—even off-handedly—find the answer for them. Take initiative to do some extra research about the properties you’re showing.

Find Your Niche

It’s certainly a good idea to diversify—the more properties you can show, the better chance of a sale. However, everyone has their area of expertise. Don’t shy away from that. Promote it. You will draw eager clientele who are seeking specifically what you have to offer, and your odds of sales increase when you’re drawing in specific and targeted clientele.

Targeted Internet Marketing

The Internet is everything these days. People turn to the Web first when looking for a house, often long before they call on a real estate agent. Have a hashtag and an online identity, and spread it around as much as possible. Engage in social media, have a website and blog, and be a presence in the blogosphere and online forums and discussion groups. Offer free tips and ideas. Become known as knowledgeable, friendly and approachable.

Embrace Emerging Technology

Do you have a smartphone app? Think about developing one! Mobile devices aren’t the way of the future—they’re the way of now. Embrace them, and keep your eyes open for the next big thing so that you can be an early adopter. This will set you up as being ahead of the curve with an eye on the future.

Professional Internet Marketing Firms

You may not be the most tech-savvy person in the world, and that’s okay. Call upon the services of a professional internet marketing firm, and get your brand out there, visible and efficient. Using a professional firm allows you to focus on what you do best: selling real estate. If you’re ready to look into building your brand online, we can help. Check out the services we offer, and get in touch with us for more information today!

Top Social Media Tools to Use for Internet Marketing

In recent years, social media has taken over the Internet. New sites and smartphone apps pop up every single day; even Facebook pages are replacing websites as a main source of information. In terms of our personal lives, social media has become an incredibly useful way to meet new people and stay in touch with old friends—but it can also be a great way to improve your business. When it comes to real estate, Internet marketing is one of the most effective methods for finding clients and closing sales. Here’s how real estate agents can use social media to improve their Internet marketing.

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3 Myths about Internet Marketing

Although the Internet in and of itself screams of convenience and quick results, marketing on the Internet is much quieter in these regards. There are several factors that contribute to creating, executing and maintaining a successful online marketing plan, but this can become overlooked or even ignored in the rapidity and expanse of the World Wide Web. Don’t become sucked in by the façade of fast results, easy money and popularity that the Internet falsely promises. Be leery of these 3 myths about Internet marketing.


Uninterested Territory

Trying to reach out to those who have not heard of or have not expressed any interest in your services may sound like a good idea; however, by doing this you are actually grasping at straws. The consumer wants to feel comfortable before making a transaction, and those uninterested or unaware are far less likely to do so. Find better ways to focus on and cater to your target audience to expand your market. Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tools for any business, and those who already know you are your key to charter into uninterested territory.


Not So Social Media

 Social media sites are a fantastic and very effective internet marketing tool. These sites allow you to directly interact with and reach out to a large audience quickly. However, social media is not the be-all, end-all to online marketing. Marketing and advertising on most major social media sites is no longer free and can actually become very costly. The more people you want to reach, the more money you must spend. One way to get around this is email marketing. Anyone subscribed to your email list can see the same information whenever you send an email at no cost to you. Your email list and website are what truly keep you connected to your target audience.


Your Email List is Not a Guest List

 The choice to be on your email list should be made by the listee, not you. Adding any and every one you have ever come in contact with to your email list is not a good strategy to use for your Internet marketing and could very well run away business. Regardless of if they have the option to “opt-out,” it is still never a good idea to add someone without permission.

Don’t be bamboozled by these Internet marketing myths. Instead, find out how you can successfully market online with Top Agent Internet Marketing.