5 Real Estate Agents’ Internet Marketing Tips

Real estate agents’ internet marketing

Even as the housing market continues to improve, the real estate industry is an exceptionally competitive field. It can be a real money-making job, but it can also be a grind where you have to struggle to make ends meet when you can’t get clients through the door. In today’s speed-of-light online environment, how can you get ahead of the game and bring in the best leads? As you look to get an edge on the competition this season, check out these five real estate agents’ internet marketing tips and tricks!

Enable Social Media Sharing

It’s obvious to any real estate agent these days that the Internet is your most valuable ally and your worst enemy. The vast majority of people start and end their search for a property and an agent online. They also communicate through social media. Add a share option to every property you feature. This will greatly expand your reach as potential clients share their favourite properties on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and other platforms.

Watch the Competition

This is pretty basic: who are your biggest competitors, and what are they doing to bring people in? It’s best to know your competition’s strategies so that you can most effectively counter them. Follow other agents, and watch what works for them.

Ease of Contact

The easier you are to get in touch with, the better off you are as far as getting leads. If a potential customer has to hunt for a way to get hold of you, they might just move on to the next agent. People have very short attention spans online, so your contact information should be in an easily accessible format, consistent and everywhere.

Professional Photography

Yes, everyone’s smartphone can take great photos these days, but there’s no underestimating the advantages of hiring a professional photographer to build your online property portfolios. Real estate agents’ internet marketing strategies need every edge they can, and it’s true that photos speak volumes.

Sponsor Local Events

Is there a local fundraiser going on? What about an arts and crafts festival? How about little league sports or school events? Put your name on them! Sponsoring local events doesn’t just get your name out there in a practical sense; it gets you a mention on their website, which is yet another link back to you.

Real Estate Agents Internet Marketing

Of course, the best way to skyrocket your internet marketing efforts is to bring in an expert to review and help revamp your online strategies. An expert in real estate marketing can take the heavy lifting off your back, and allow you to focus on what you do best: selling homes. If you’re looking to expand your reach and improve your marketing strategy, check out the SEO and other online marketing services we have to offer, and get in touch with us to get started revamping your efforts today!